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SÍMEY (Símenntunarmiðstöð Eyjafjarðar)

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• SÍMEY is a lifelong learning center and umbrella organisation promoting adult education and lifelong learning in the area.

• SÍMEY is in the Akureyri Region – North-East Iceland

• SÍMEY is a nonprofit corporation

• SÍMEY was established, in the yar 2000, by 10 municipalities in Akureyri Region by all school levels in Akureyri Region from kindergarten to the University of Akureyri, by Trade unions in Akureyri Region, by the Association of Employers in Akureyri Region and by the Akureyri Region Business Agency.


 The main aim of SÍMEY:

• is to increase the level of education in the region.

• is to be in active cooperation with the labour market identifying the need for lifelong learning with assessment tools

• is to offer wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities for adults

• is to offers educational counseling in each and every company in the region that chooses to provide the service

• Service company schools and promote flexibility of the on the job training

• Provide career counselling :• Educational and vocational counselling services are available for individuals with little formal education

• This service is organised on the basis that counsellors visit companies and in collaboration with the management they offer employees information on the usefulness of the counselling and then individual counselling on competence evolvement

• Individuals can also get this service at the various centres

• This counselling is an ongoing project in the whole of Iceland

• SÍMEY is involved in developing androgogy within the adult education in Iceland and also to developing  E-Tools inside the adult education.

For further information contact us by phone +354 4605720 or by e-mail: