Icelandic Culture and Society

Flokkur: Íslenska sem annað mál

 A course for immigrants about Icelandic society, culture, and labor market.

How do things work in Iceland?

  • Tax system
  • Health care system
  • Educational system
  • Labour market and unions
  • Immigration laws and system

Basic knowledge

  • History
  • Religion
  • Geology
  • Geography


Want to

  • Make an updated CV in Icelandic
  • Spot job oppertunities
  • Prepare for a job interview
  • Upper your IT skills

Icelandic culture and society is intended for immigrants to make it easier for them to be active participants in the Icelandic labor market and society. The study focuses on the Icelandic culture, society and business, as well as building self-confidence and communication skills. Participants have a great influence on the content of the study.

It is possible to evaluate the study for 10 upper secondary school credits.
Jobseekers registered with the Directorate of Labor are given priority and are advised to review their rights to study at VMST.

Prerequisites for the study: The study is intended for people of foreign origin. This course is conducted in english.
Duration: 100 hours. of which 64 hours with an instructor
Teachers: Various
Price: ISK 25,000